Virtual Reality Times

We are enthusiastic supporters of the rapidly growing virtual reality movement and especially the Oculus Rift, and are determined to bring our readers the best news about it.

Geoff McCabe, Owner/Editor

Geoff is a long-time geek, ex-programmer, physicist, and serial entrepreneur. He lives in remote area of Costa Rica on an organic farm, but remains connected to the tech world

Articles by Geoff:
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John Marco Oscillado, Head Writer

John is a tech writer and a fan of everything tech. He is also a computer geek, and loves to play video games in his free time. His personal thoughts can be followed on Twitter.

Articles by John Marco:
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Pierre Pita, Games and VR Writer

Pierre is an avid power gamer, and writer for various technology subjects. He’s especially enthusiastic about VR and its potential to change the gaming world.

Articles by Pierre:
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David Curry, Tech Journalist

David is a tech writer and avid fan of video games. He has written for a variety of blogs and websites surrounding sites about computers, the oculus rift, video games, and much more.

Articles by David:

Jeff Maehre, Writer

Jeff is a frelancer writer, specializing in ebooks and tech subjects. He has his own twitter feed and Pinterest boards too.

Articles by Jeff:

Anushay Qaiser, Writer

Tech writer and fan of virtual reality and the oculus rift.

Articles by Anushay: