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Need an Expert Opinion on VR/AR?

Are you writing something and need an expert opinion or sound bite from someone? Contact: [email protected] and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Product Reviews?

Do you have software or hardware you’d like us to review?

Software: Send us a download link of where to get your product for free, and your press package. If we have time, we’ll download it, try it, and write about it. If you want a guarantee that we’ll write about it, then give us a link from your website first, and then we’ll write about you in exchange. Email to: [email protected]

Hardware: Contact us if you’re willing to send us a free sample of what you want us to try. We’ll test it out and take some photos and write something, with links to your product page, where to buy it, etc. Of course we like free stuff! Email to: [email protected]

Publicists Promoting Something for your Clients?

Your client is paying you to get stuff written about them? We’ll usually write a 500 word article about any VR-related business or topic, with a link to your client’s website or offering, in exchange for a link from their website to Or, you can wait until we write the article and then give us a link to the article on their Press page. To set this up, write to [email protected] and it can go faster if you add the link for us first to the site.

Adult/Porn/XXX VR Stuff

Adult stuff, sure we aren’t prudes, so no problem as long as it’s VR/AR adult oriented. Contact us at [email protected] and ideally send us a free subscription or link to the product/service so we can check it out when we have the chance. We’re more likely to review it if you give us a link from your site to our Adult VR category page:

Write an Article for Us

Would you like to write for The Virtual Reality Times? Read here: Write an Article for VRT

We ONLY accept high quality articles for this site that are related to VR and AR. We are not going to link to your gambling site (unless it’s a VR gambling site) so don’t bother us with requests.