LA-based Tetavi introduces volumetric video capture technology to web 3 music artists that will allow them to create a new kind of virtual music.

Tetavi is at the intersection of entertainment, technology, and content creation. The company is now entering into partnerships with new music artists to develop and create a virtual stage for artists where they can create immersive concert experiences, enhanced music video content as well as artist-specific NFTs.

Tetavi has already partnered with two emerging music artists – Besomorph and Riell. The company is offering the artists volumetric capture services to capture the artists’ form and movements and render these such that the content will be available for reuse, enabling the artists to do cool visual performances that wow audiences.

The LA-based company will also create a virtual stage capable of producing immersive music video content along with artist-specific NFTs via its volumetric video platform.

Through this platform, Tetavi is giving artists a one-stop shop for their music video production needs. The platform will handle everything ranging from the previsualization and production work to the editing and finalizing of the content. The volumetric captures produce “virtual twins” of artists that are digitally insertable into any environment.

RIELL and Besomorph’s content such as their hit singles, volumetric music videos, and their exclusive volumetric NFT drops are already available and accessible to their fans.

From early July, fans will also be able to experience artists’ free experimental virtual volumetric performances via mobile and desktop.

Tetavi’s volumetric video technology platform runs on AI, machine learning, and a proprietary algorithm. The volucap platform enables music creatives to insert their digital twins into any digital environment. It immerses the artists in production as well as the current music video experience. It also creates a gateway through which the next generation of artists can tap into web3 and the metaverse, according to Tetavi CEO Gilad Talmon.

According to Tetavi, the level of quality in its volumetric video capture technique would almost be impossible to attain when done via traditional production processes. The Tetavi software offers greater efficiency across the board in terms of cost, time-to-shoot as well as location logistics. Talmon says that with Tetavi software, it takes a total of six weeks from creative development to the final delivery of the music video.

The whole process is virtual, allowing Tetavi to experiment and drop the volumetric video captures into any backdrop and location with multiple set-ups. This would almost be impossible to realize in physical production environments. As a result, Tetavi’s production process costs a fraction of what it would take to produce a comparable experience using the traditional production process.

Tetavi says its partnership with Riell and Besomorph is only the beginning and that the company wants to build more partnerships and projects in the music industry. The company says its technology platform breaks the barriers for artists who wish to create efficient and cost-effective immersive content and that it is eager to curate new avenues where artists can connect and engage with their fans.

Fans of the musicians Riell and Besomorph can already gain access to their hit singles, volumetric NFTs as well as exclusive NFT drops. Plans are also underway to launch an immersive concert which will be announced at a later date.

Tetavi is also working on a gamified world with another, yet to be named music celebrity. Talmon says that this will be a huge project but the company is approaching it incrementally. The company boss is also thinking of ways in which AI can help in the development cycle. AI might reduce the time and make the development less labor-intensive. Talmon says Tetavi is using “a lot of AI” with volumetric videos to simplify the process and make it more cost-effective and photorealistic.

Through the automation of the volumetric video, Tetavi saves time in various areas such as during the typical motion capture process where cameras will capture the form and movement of actors and these are subsequently used by artists for basic rendering and stitching up together to generate working computer animation. This is usually a long and cumbersome process for generating realistic captures and Talmon believes volumetric video capture helps streamline this process to a large extent.

Talmon wants Tetavi technology to reach a level where there is a seamless transition between volumetric video and the high-end digital human animation, something that is currently achievable with the Unreal Engine MetaHuman creator tool.

Tetavi has already been used in capturing the imagery of the LA Kings hockey team and optimizing it for mobile. In that process, the images looked very natural and the renderings proved good enough for diverse uses. It took a few hours to setup and capture the hockey players.

The requirements for top-quality videos continue to go up and Tetavi’s services are in high demand, particularly in the gaming and music niche.

Talmon says music artists are constantly prospecting for extra monetization channels and ways through which they can engage with their audiences. There is also a massive opportunity in social gaming with many increasingly spending vast amounts of time playing online games with their friends.

Tetavi says it wants to democratize the creation of volumetric videos, that can be manipulated and used to showcase new kinds of performances for music artists or characters in games. For instance, if a character’s jump is captured in a volumetric video, that jump can subsequently be used in generating additional imagery and movements.

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