The biggest news this past week has been the release of Oculus Go standalone virtual reality headset and most people are already thinking of ways of experiencing this accessible VR. Oculus Go is the closest thing to a mass virtual reality solution. It is affordable standalone virtual reality device that you can use without the need for interfacing with a PC or a smartphone. You simply strap it over your head, get hold of the controller and you are good to go.

The VR headset goes for only $199 but then you will need a few VR apps that you can download and begin immersing yourself into the world of virtual reality. While there are apps and games that will be rolling off the developer studios soon, you can start by leveraging the existing apps in the Gear VR library. If you have just purchased the Oculus Go headset, here is a list of some of the best apps and games that you can try out.

#1. Aljazeera Contrast VR

The global TV channel Aljazeera offers its viewer an immersive VR experience of some of its past videos through the Aljazeera Contrast VR. Through this, you can explore a large archive of immersive 360-degree video content on some of the channel’s content. Contrast VR is Aljazeera’s portal for distributing immersive content and takes viewers into the depth of each story through a high quality 360 and VR videos. It covers the channel’s high quality documentaries.

#2. Bigscreen

Available on platforms such as Oculus Rift, VTC Vive and Oculus Go, Bigscreen is an immersive VR app that makes it possible for you to view your computer desktop within a head-mounted display. You can use it to roll out your virtual movie theater, watch videos and play games with friends. You can also catch up on the weekly movie screenings that are hosted by the developer.

#3. B-Team

Developed by Twisted Pixel Games and going for just $7.99, B-Team is a premium VR game that is available on Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and Oculus Go. It’s a single-user tongue in cheekVR shooter game where the player must save the planet from an alien invasion. You can dodge around and use powerful weapons and special powers to beat back wave after wave of determined aliens in this stand out action game that has been launched seemingly out of nowhere.

#4. Dead Secret: Circle

Here is another gripping VR game that you can try out with your Oculus Go headset. Dead Secret Circle is a sequel to the Dead Secret game that was released in 2015. Developed by Robot Invader, you can immerse yourself into a virtual reality suburbia doing some detective work as you grapple with the occult. It is also available on Samsung Gear VR. This is a premium VR app that goes for $14.99.

#5. Discovering Space 2

Ever dreamed of experiencing the space in truly immersive virtual reality? Discovering Space takes you on an educational VR tour into space enabling you to enjoy an intimate experience of the outer space in a quality VR environment. The app is developed by Discovering VR Limited and is available in Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

#6. International Space Station Tour

Just like Discovering Space 2, the International Space Station 2 takes you on a space odyssey but this time on a space station. The app will take you on a guided space tour done by a real astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti who works at the European Space Agency. It is built by The House of Fables and is available on a host of VR platforms including Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.

#7. Republique VR

Republique is a premium VR game that goes for $9.99. If you love stealth games with a little bit of the RPG flair, then you will certainly fall in love with Republique. The game is split into five episodes and is one of the most promising VR games in the recent times. The game is based on a dystopian world where the players guide the main protagonist called Hope to safety through various surveillance cameras.  It was developed by Camouflaj, the same team that worked on various game franchises such as Halo, Metal Gear Solid and FEAR and is available on multiple platforms such as Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

#8. Melody VR

Need a concert-like experience in a VR environment? Melody VR is a virtual reality simulation of the concert-going experience so you can get into the show, pick your perfect spot and start enjoying your concert. The app is developed by MelodyVR and works on the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR platforms. Download it today and get closer to the energy of the performance with this immersive VR app.

#9. Anshar Online

If you enjoyed the Anshar Wars 2, you will definitely love the Anshar Online, especially in a VR environment. It is the third series in the space-based dog-fighting series and you can go on multiple missions that can be played in co-op so you can take off to the space with your friend as you enjoy the game. Anshar Online also has a fairly competitive multiplayer. The game has superb visuals so you will really enjoy looking at it. Anshar Online is also compatible with various virtual reality platforms such as Oculus Go, Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. It’s a premium VR game that goes for $7.99.

#10. Pet Lab

Developed by Force Field VR, Pet Lab is a virtual reality pet raising simulation game that is available across VR platforms. You can manipulate the creature eggs, hatch the creatures, customize them and train them so that they can compete against other players in the VR game. It’s a perfect VR game for kids. Pet Lab is also free but includes various in-app purchases that you can opt for to unlock extra content and proceed through the gameplay.

#11. SculptrVR

Developed by a company of the same name, SculptVR is a fun VR application that you can use to build fun 3D creations in virtual reality. You can do this solo or with fifteen other people cross platform. The app has cross-platform compatibility with Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

#12. Master Works

Yearning for some wanderlust without ever leaving your couch? Master Works is a virtual reality app that takes you on a tour to a few of the world’s historical sites. You can land on any of three sites and do some up close and detailed tour of the site in a fully VR environment. There is even a voice over that fills you with the details on the site that you are exploring.

#13. BBC Virtual Reality

Fancy exploring the world with the BBC? Go to some of the farthest corners of the world on a journey of discovery with one of the world’s oldest and leading broadcasting stations. The BBC Virtual Reality app takes you an immersive VR tour to the world where you can discover people and places in a completely new way.

#14. Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears has been a big hit with many VR fans and now you can experience the same with the Oculus Go. Developed by Turtle Rock Studios, Face Your Fears takes you on a series of hair-rising scenes that might give you a heart attack. If you would like to put some of your worst nightmares to the test in a very immersive virtual reality environment, then this VR app will be your thing. The first few scenes in the app are free to play but you will need to make some in-app purchases to unlock extra content.

#15. Arcslinger

Arcslinger is the VR version of your typical gun-slinging Western drama. This virtual reality “cyber-Western” includes 15 levels in which the protagonists take on an outlaw called Gold Smoke and his marauding gang. Arcslinger is a multiplatform game that is available on Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR. The game was developed by Big Red Button Entertainment, Inc.

There are thousands of other virtual reality games and apps that you can try out on your Oculus Go, depending on your preferences and interests. Expect a few more to come out soon that will take your immersive virtual reality experience to a whole new level. OchanjiGamingTechnologyVirtual WorldsThe biggest news this past week has been the release of Oculus Go standalone virtual reality headset and most people are already thinking of ways of experiencing this accessible VR. Oculus Go is the closest thing to a mass virtual reality solution. It is affordable standalone virtual reality device...VR, Oculus Rift, and Metaverse News - Cryptocurrency, Adult, Sex, Porn, XXX