You may no longer have to foot the bill of your annual gym subscription thanks to some new virtual reality games that are proving physical and exerting enough that they are helping players to expand some calories.

The best example is Beat Saber. It is stimulating enough to get you engrossed in the game for hours and it makes you move and that will see you expend some calories. For some serious Beat Saber fans with fitness goals, the pounds are beginning to fall from the extended sessions with the virtual reality rhythm game. The game, which is currently one of the most popular virtual reality games, gets you to work out in VR in a fun and enjoyable way.

There are players who are already using the virtual reality rhythm and dance game Beat Saber for their workout sessions and from the tweets that they have shared off lately, it appears they are having some great successes in shedding off those pounds. Even Beat Games is taking note and asking players to post pictures of their weight loss successes on Twitter under the hashtag #FitSaber.

Some players have been so successful with their virtual reality workouts that the game development studio Beat Games is considering venturing into a dedicated virtual reality fitness offering. The studio says that many fans have been writing to them notifying them of how the game has helped them shed off kilos and trim down their figures from just a few hours of dedicated play.

The best thing about Beat Saber and other virtual reality fitness games is that it does not seem like a challenge or a sport: it is just fun and entertainment that you get immerse into and the weight loss is just a positive byproduct of a very engaging and entertaining gaming session. Players get to thoroughly enjoy the game and the weight loss is simply accidental. It is easier to lose weight that way when your mind is not even on it. It certainly beats those unattainable New Year’s resolutions.

These successes are encouraging but that does not necessarily mean that Beat Saber alone will do it for you if you have a serious problem. You are certainly going to have even more impressive results if you accompany your Beat Saber playing sessions with a healthy and well-balanced dieting routine. If you don’t get your dieting right and attain the required calorie deficit that will facilitate the weight loss, even the toughest Expert Plus song on Beat Saber won’t help you trim the weight down.

There are some Beat Saber players who are now demanding for the studio to integrate a calorie counter into the game along with a motivating VR personal trainer and special songs that go with the fitness theme.

Beat Saber has been widely popular.  By March 2019, the game had sold up to one million copies while also garnering a massive online following. According to TechCrunch, Beat Saber is currently also driving massive VR headset sales as well as downloads. Its massive popularity was one of the main reasons for Facebook’s building the new Oculus Quest tracking system, a new tech that made it possible to track the most advanced modes in the game.

Beat Saber works on a very simple concept/gameplay which has contributed to its massive popularity. The player holds two “sabers”. It feels almost like you are holding them physically thanks to the motion controllers that come with the virtual reality headset.

The player will then use these lightsabers to slice boxes that will be flying towards them in sequences of changing widths, heights as well as sequential complexities. This creates a colorful and fast-paced style of play that feels quite futuristic. The good part is that it forces you to move about.

Due the moving aspect of the game, some people who have had time pressing with those fitness or weight goals in conventional ways such as dieting and exercises are now using Beat Saber as a fitness routine.

Some people have even shared the before and after images after their Beat Saber experience and the results so far look quite impressive. The are people who have lost anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds since the release of the game.

Even though some players are now actively using the game to work out and burn some good amounts of calories, this wasn’t the original intention. Nothing in the game design suggests that it was created to cater to some fitness function. The Beat Saber developers simply wanted to build a fun rhythm game that players would enjoy.

With transformation stories that have emerged so far on the fitness and weight loss successes that players have attained since the launch game, Beat Games has began to appreciate the fitness potential of the game.

Making Fitness Fun

Fitness routines are like difficult and boring tasks require some significant expenditure of willpower to accomplish. What Beat Saber does is that it makes fitness fun. People who have a hard time sticking to fitness goals find themselves “tricked” into working out by playing Beat Saber.

Making fitness fun is the biggest appeal of the VR fitness games. They allow people who hate going to the gym or morning/evening jogs to still expend some good amount of energy from the comfort of their living rooms. OchanjiGamingMusicTechnologyYou may no longer have to foot the bill of your annual gym subscription thanks to some new virtual reality games that are proving physical and exerting enough that they are helping players to expand some calories. The best example is Beat Saber. It is stimulating enough to get you...VR, Oculus Rift, and Metaverse News - Cryptocurrency, Adult, Sex, Porn, XXX