The HTC Vive Cosmos headset is barely a week old since its release last week but the manufacturer is already having to address some user complaints. The headset arrived to mixed reactions from tech reviewers and early adopters with many citing issues with low light-tracking along with poor usage hours for the new batteries in the controllers. To address these issues, HTC has detailed new info and published new updates. The company is continuing to work on other updates to address the issues that have arisen so far.

HTC Vive Cosmos Addresses Common User Complaints

The HTC Vive Cosmos headset was supposed to be a vast improvement over the original Vive. It is supposed to meet consumer requirements not only in terms of performance but also in comfort and ease of use. HTC has described it as its “most versatile” headset yet. It offers inside-out tracking, an unlimited content in the box along with swappable faceplates mods that allows users to extend its capabilities to accommodate more options in the future. The design is also entirely new. According to HTC, this is a virtual kit that will grow with user into the future from “both a hardware and software perspective”, allowing users to continue using and adapting to new innovations and modules without having to purchase a new headset.

In spite of its lofty aims and vast design and performance improvements, customers and reviewers have raised a number of issues concerning the new headsets and HTC has addressed some while continuing to work on others to give users the best experience possible with their Vive Cosmos headset.

Tracking Issues

Vive Cosmos utilizes inside-out tracking with six cameras mounted on the headset which makes tracking much easier than with external tracking. Inside-out tracking requires multiple data points in the users’ play environment in order to provide the most accurate tracking. This tracking also needs consistent lighting. The inside-out tracking setup works best when the room is bright and with mirrors and reflectors. If there are plain walls without any defining features, then this might affect tracking.

Vive Cosmos owners have been reporting a ‘Dark Environment’ message when they are using the headset even if the lighting is sufficient enough for other types of headsets to function.

On the tracking problem, HTC states that its engineering team is continuing to fine-tune the headset performance to suit different kinds of play environment. HTC says it is now looking at the low-light reports that some users getting the persistent “dark environment” message have submitted. HTC has adjusted the notification window for the low-light scenarios and this update has already gone live. The company will continue refining both the tracking and the notifications for these kinds of scenarios and it is expecting to release a new software update soon. This would hopefully solve most of the tracking problems that owners have experienced so far.

Controller batteries

The other concern that users have raised is that of controller battery life. The Vive Cosmos controllers use the AA batteries. So far reports have stated that the battery life could be very short. However, HTC has stated that the performance so far has been wide ranging and that they can expect a performance of 4 to 8 hours depending on various factors including type of content, light, environment as well as other variables. HTC has also suggested that the longevity of the battery life may also be affected by the quality of the battery. The company has stated that its engineering team is continually working to optimize the performance of the batteries. HTC says it has tested the NiMH rechargeable batteries and found their performance to be satisfactory. However, even with heavy usage, four hours is still simply too short.

Content Compatibility

Vive Cosmos will no doubt offer users much better clarity, better audio as well as increased comfort. However, there have been issues with the content, too. For one, not all titles are compatible with the Cosmos yet.

Most of the Viveport and Viveport Infinity experiences are already optimized for the Vive Cosmos headset and HTC says it is in the process of working with developers in various stores to update their titles with the Cosmos controls.

There have also been titles that are compatible with Cosmos but which have been unable to launch. HTC says it is internally testing a fix and that that it plans to release an update this week.

HTC has stated some 90% of Viveport’s top 100 titles are already compatible with the Vive Cosmos headset including top hits such as Arizona Sunshine, Battlewake and Ninja Legends. With Cosmos headset also coming bundled with six months of Viveport Infinity subscription, you can now explore more that the subscription service has to offer without paying an extra cent for the next six months.

Ergonomics and Build

The Vive Cosmos headset has excellent ergonomics to provide owners with the best VR experience. This is reflected in the adjustable headstrap, a halo design balance weight and distribution as well as the soft and lightweight materials used in the design allow you to wear headset for extended periods of time and enjoy hours of play all day. The Vive Cosmos comes with a user guide that illustrates how to properly wear the headset.

If you are having issues comfortably fitting this headset onto your head, you can refer to the user guide or contact Vive Cosmos for assistance:

Audio Experience

While the Vive Cosmos has been designed with a crisp and clear audio quality, there are users that have reported a lower quality audio experience. In case you are experiencing this, Vive advises that you check to ensure you are using the USB 3.0 that will assure you of an optimal audio quality. OchanjiHTC Vive CosmosVR HeadsetsThe HTC Vive Cosmos headset is barely a week old since its release last week but the manufacturer is already having to address some user complaints. The headset arrived to mixed reactions from tech reviewers and early adopters with many citing issues with low light-tracking along with poor usage...VR, Oculus Rift, and Metaverse News - Cryptocurrency, Adult, Sex, Porn, XXX