At $199 PSVR headset is one of the most budget-friendly virtual reality headsets and a great entry-level option. It also gives you access to lots of VR titles including some great exclusives. If you have already acquired the PSVR headset, have the PS4 console and are looking for some great titles with which to fill your gaming library, you can check out the following top PSVR games this year. The PS5 console is also launching during the 2020 holidays and will be backward-compatible with the current PSVR.

#1 Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Genre: 3D Platformer

Controllers: DualShock 4

Price: $19.99

Astro Bot Rescue Mission on PlayStation VR

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is one of the best virtual reality games. It’s a platformer that’s comparable to Super Mario 3D World which consists of a series of courses which enable the player to explore for secrets while also guiding them on one set of direction onto the finish line. The PSVR headset puts the player and the controller inside the world. You will be turning your head around as you search for hidden bot buddies that you can rescue. You must position your controller to send out the ziplines or shoot the shurikens so as to make way for the path ahead. All of this works perfectly and makes for a joyous playing experience. Astro Bot Rescue Mission on PlayStation VR.

#2 Beat Saber

Genre: Rhythm electro-slasher

Controllers: Two Move Controllers

Price: $29.99

Beat Saber on PlayStation VR

Beat Saber is a rhythm electro-slasher in which your left hand controls a red saber while your right hand controls a blue saber and where you must slash through advancing cubes to the throbbing beats of EDM. The beat of the song will determine when the cubes of a particular color will appear and the direction in which you will have to cut them with your sabers. At the same time, you must instinctively swing your arms until you hit a rhythm of play where you are deeply mentally focused on slashing the blocks. It is a very engrossing game and it also makes for a very good cardio, particularly in the higher difficulty levels. Check out Beat Saber on PlayStation.

#3 Tetris Effect

Genre: Tetris!

Controllers: DualShock 4

Price: $39.99

Tetris Effect on PlayStation VR

If you love Tetris, then you will surely fall in love even more with Tetris in VR. Tetris Effect combines intense visuals as well music to elevate the good old Tetris to a new level of fun and immersion. Virtual reality adds greater immersion into the game that makes it a lot more engrossing. You will find yourself getting lost in the game for hours on end. It involves the standard Tetris game in the foreground while in the background, lots of interesting stuff will be happening around the board and around you. The game is actually a playable music visualizer. While you are busy stacking up the blocks, there are space whales, pounding music as well as freaky fire monks going around but will you spare some attention to even look at them? These not only trigger your peripheral vision but they will also respond when there are big line clears. Not only do they enable you to be more focused but they also bring out the sense of space. Immerse yourself into these beautiful worlds and enjoy a completely unique Tetris experience. Tetris Effect on PlayStation.

#4 Blood & Truth

Genre: Single-player shooter

Controllers: DualShock 4 or Two Move Controllers

Price: $39.99

Blood & Truth on PlayStation

Blood & Truth is a single-shooter thriller that combines action with a smooth Virtual Reality experience. Blood & Truth emerged out of the London Heist section of PSVR Worlds that received enough fan support that allowed it to spawn a complete game of its own. Unlike other VR games which are more exploration-style, this is single-line story which is packed with gratifying shootouts. You are immersed into an intense and exhilarating shootout action as you slip in and out of cover while taking potshots at foes using the Move controllers while slapping virtual magazines from your chest to the gun in order to reload. The game moves fast but the intense gun fight is also broken up with an occasional tunnel climbing, lock picking or drone piloting segments. You can also play the game with the DualShock controllers but the Move controllers provide the perfect levels of immersion. Blood & Truth is a must-have game for a PSVR headset and if you love the Guy Ritchie movies, you will certainly fall in love with this. Blood & Truth on PlayStation.

#5 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Genre: Puzzle video game

Controllers: DualShock 4

Price: $8.99

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes on PlayStation

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the quintessential multiplayer experience. The player puts on the headset and there is a very complex bomb right in front of them. The rest of the players will be pulling up manuals on their phones or TV screens which contain directions on how to diffuse the bomb. It puts the players in a very high-pressure situation that will otherwise require calm and effective communication to resolve but the end result is usually total chaos, anger and fear albeit in a fun way. This is a fun party game that is also very easy to learn.


Check out Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes on PlayStation Store.

#6 Superhot VR

Genre: Puzzle shooter

Controllers: Two Move Controllers

Price: $24.99

Superhot VR on PlayStation

Superhot VR has been around for quite some time in the form of the standard controller version. In virtual reality, you get it in a full Matrix style. This is a time-bending frantic puzzle-shooter in which time only moves when you move. The world around you which consists of the polygonal figures, bullets and weapons will only move when you move. If you move much slower, you can execute more precise dodges and get more action-packed moments. It is even more fantastic in VR. The time-bending gameplay gives you lots of time to figure out how you will dodge a room with numerous red polygonal figures who are unloading their rifles and shotguns on you.

The game involves a lot of Matrix-style bullet dodging. You will also be throwing bottles and grabbing the guns from the hands of your fallen foes. Superhot VR is highly stylized and there is a lot of variety in how you can take on the polygonal horde. The time-bending play rewards calm and clear thinking as opposed to games such as Beat Saber that reward lightning-fast reflexes. Check out Superhot VR on PlayStation VR.

#7 Vacation Simulator

Genre: Adventure, Simulation

Controllers: 2 PS Move Controllers

Price: $29.99

Vacation Simulator on PlayStation

Vacation Simulator is a follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Job Simulator. Pretend to go on a vacation with plenty of new features in the game, expansive areas that you can explore and lots of goofiness along the way.

Vacation Simulator on PlayStation



#8 Moss

Genre: Action-Adventure

Controllers: DualShock 4

Price: $54.95

Moss VR for PlayStation

In Moss, the hero is a cute, tiny and very adorable mouse. This is a single-player action-adventure puzzle game that combines compelling characters with a gripping world exploration in an exciting VR environment. You will meet the young and adorable mouse known as Quill who dreams of a greatness beyond her little settlement. As Quill is exploring the woods, she bumps on a mysterious Glass Relic which awakens an ancient magic.

Quill’s uncle is in now in serious danger and she must go an epic journey in which you will need to be by her side. You and Quill will travel together through the realms, solving difficult puzzles and taking on menacing enemies. Your DualShock controller will be an in-game tool that you will use to manipulate aspects of the virtual environment as you clear paths for Quill. The game provides a sense of scale such that you will feel like you are peering through as a clever mouse scampers through the forest floor as you take on some of the darkest villains. Moss on PlayStation.

#9 Falcon Age

Genre: First-Person bird befriender

Controllers: Two Move controllers or DualShock 4

Price: $19.99

Falcon Age for PlayStation

In Falcon Age, you will be battling oppression using a combination of your tools, wits along with a cute falcon friend. You will also be collecting plenty of hats and toys for your little bird friend that you will use to dress them into a little bird cowboy.  You are cast as Ara. You will learn to hunt, gather and also fight to claim Ara’s cultural legacy against a force consisting of automated colonizers.

You can play Falcon Age inside or out of virtual reality although the VR version with the headset and controllers offers you the best experiences. In Falcon Age, a lot of your time will be spent travelling from your home village to a number of sites that are under the occupation of robot colonizers. Your falcon friend distracts the enemies enabling you to deliver a finishing blow from your small kit of weaponry. While you are on your way back, your falcon buddy can also retrieve some goodies that will help you cook some stat-improving treats. This game is about the fast-disappearing art of falcon-hunting.

#10 Resident Evil 7 biohazard

Genre: First-Person Survival Horror

Controllers: DualShock 4

Price: $14.99

Resident Evil 7 biohazard for PlayStation

Battle the menace that is seething through the rotting walls inside an abandoned southern farmhouse. This is a survival horror game with an immersive twist. It’s a first-person survival horror. The Resident Evil 7 biohazard offers a gripping experience inside a PSVR headset. The VR version sacrifices some of the features in the standard version such as the crispness of the visuals but it still retains the raw horror feeling with awful creatures that come really alive in VR. The game is powered by RE Engine and the graphics hit new degrees of photorealism which further bring out the disturbing world to create a truly intense survival horror game. Resident Evil 7 biohzard on PlayStation.

#11 Trover Saves the Universe

Genre: Comedy adventure

Controller: DualShock 4

Price: $29.99

Taken straight out of the Rick and Morty playbook, this hilarious comedy adventure was created by Justin Roiland and it brings out his style and attitude. The storyline is about your dogs which have been “dognapped” by Glorkon, a beaked lunatic who has stuffed them inside his eye holes and draws on their life essence to destroy the universe. You will partner with Trover who is a tiny purple-eyed monster that doesn’t like working too much or being in a position to save the universe. Trover also doesn’t like you too much. However, in this strange comedy adventure, it is only you and Trover who are capable of saving everything. The gameplay in Trover Saves the Universe enables you to operate everything while you sit down. The game also has both VR and flat options. Trover Saves the Universe on PlayStation.

#12 Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Genre: RPG, Simulation

Controllers: Move Controllers

Price: $24.99 in the U.S.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek has always had a very loyal fanbase. In Star Trek: Bridge Crew, players can immerse themselves at the head of a Federation ship to explore the realms of the unknown. The Vulcan population is looking for a new home and the U.S.S Aegis crew must travel to The Trench to try and find a replacement.

You can also play Star Trek: Bridge Crew with your group of friends. It supports real-time lip sync so it will appear as if the characters in the game are actually talking with one another. There is a recent update that now enables fans to experience the game even if they don’t have PSVR. Star Trek: Bridge Crew on PlayStation.

#13 No Man’s Sky

Genre: Action-Adventure game

Controllers: Move Controllers; DualShock controllers aren’t as slick with this game but can still be used

Price: $22.49

No Man’s Sky began on a rough note following its release but it has gotten considerably better with subsequent updates. The game is now a true multiplayer. An upcoming major update to the game would include a multiplayer, vehicles, exploration, building and other features that now make the No Man’s Sky very close to what users initially expected when it was first released in 2016. With all the updates released so far, the game finally now feels like it has found its course. No Man’s Sky on PlayStation.

#14 I Expect You to Die

Genre: Action

Controllers: 2 PS Move Controllers

Price: $24.99

I Expect You to Die

I Expect You to Die is a tense spy action with the kind of a storyline that you’d expect from a James Bond franchise. You are equipped with unique telekinetic abilities and you must use only your sharp wits as well as any other tool that you can unearth from your environment to escape certain death.

You will be defusing bombs and preventing rooms from flooding before your foes get to you and kill you. In the process, you will be proving your handler who ‘expects you to die’ wrong. The game has the kind of retro aesthetics that look like something straight out of the 1960s spy films. There is also lots of humor to ease up the tension and fear. I Expect You to Die on PlayStation.

#15 A Fisherman’s Tale

Genre: Adventure Game

Controllers: 2 PS Move Controllers

Price: $14.99

A Fisherman's Tale

In A Fisherman’s Tale, you are cast as Bob, a fisherman puppet who must make their way to the lighthouse before you are caught up in a terrible storm. The setup seems like that but in reality, you will be immersed into a rather more amusing and inventive situation. Bob will open the model of his home and he will be able to see himself as he reacts to every move that he makes.

You will be the puppeteer, guiding Bob on his adventure to the lighthouse while at the same time, manipulating the world and working out the puzzles. The narrative is interesting and while the puzzles are challenging, they are also approachable. The fact that you have to constantly pull the strings, figuratively, in virtual reality will also make the game interesting and charming. Check out A Fisherman’s Tale on PlayStation. OchanjiGamingTechnologyAt $199 PSVR headset is one of the most budget-friendly virtual reality headsets and a great entry-level option. It also gives you access to lots of VR titles including some great exclusives. If you have already acquired the PSVR headset, have the PS4 console and are looking for some...VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive News - Cryptocurrency, Adult, Sex, Porn, XXX