Resolution Games announced its foody co-op videogame Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale early this year. The virtual reality game is now ready and launched this wee for both Oculus Quest and Rift/Rift S headsets.

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale
Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale

In Cook-Out, VR players are immersed into a fairy tale kingdom. It casts you in the role of a kitchen helper or takeaway assistant who moves from one place to another and always needs to prove themselves anew in the making of sandwiches. The goal of the game is for the player to work their way up the royal realm and serve the sandwiches to his or her majesty.

Your takeaway career in Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale begins on a manageable note. With the push of a button, you will open the raw food compartment and remove the needed sandwich ingredients and then prepare it using the appropriate hand movements with the cleaver. With a few hard knocks, you will have the finished ingredient right in front you and you can begin making the bread rolls.

The game is not just about whetting your appetite with delectable VR sandwiches. It is set in a fantasy world of werewolves, Kings and various other creatures. You will be travelling this realm serving up the tasty lunches. The game has a solo mode where there is a robot companion to help you out. However, the gameplay in Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is based around a multiplayer mayhem where up to four players can play the game simultaneously.

Creatures will come at the window and the player must make their orders with every player only serving specific ingredients. Every type of customer (creature) has their unique needs with the werewolves ordering massive sarnies and the mice ordering more modest meals.

Fast Food Management

Cook-Out is all about food, fun and games. This is a co-op game so there is a bit of a madcap mayhem to the gameplay as everyone scrambles to work together so you can be sure that this fun game will be keeping you on your toes. In just a few minutes into the gameplay, you find yourself barking orders and trying to work out who should be doing what, including who handles the ketchup or who cuts the cheese.

Ingredients are prepared quickly with a cleaver
Ingredients are prepared quickly with a cleaver

As you progress through the levels, the game introduces new features that increase the difficulty level. Apart from being more jam-packed, there will be some foods that need grilling or sandwiches that should be perfectly stacked or plates that need to be washed before prepping the food. The food must be served in the correct order and should be nicely layered otherwise your customers will begin to grumble.

Each of the creatures ordering food has their unique needs. For example, the rabbits want their sandwiches as fast as possible while the wolves tend to be patient but they are very hungry and want giant sandwiches with lots of ingredients that can take a long time to prepare.

Each species has different sandwich demands
Each species has different sandwich demands

As the kitchen assistant in Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, you will need to keep an eye on who is standing at the counter and ensure that their sandwiches are ready to serve.

A Nice Multiplayer Experience

Overall, the game gives you a great multiplayer experience. You are never completely on your own. Even if you are playing solo, there will be a mechanical kitchen robot to help you along. The robot has quick reaction time but it has to be charged regularly using a hand crank.

However, it is in the multiplayer mode where you can tap the full potential of the game. In the multiplayer mode, you can invite up to three of your friends to the virtual kitchen table. Since no player in the multiplayer setup has all the ingredients, players must collaborate and coordinate their activities to make sandwiches.

When there is little time, you will get the crazy and chaotic snack kitchen feeling, the kind of atmosphere that typically pervades a real-life fast food restaurant. You will hear your colleagues calling out your name as the waiting customers complain. You will also see the ketchup and the mayo splashing through the air and all the while, you need to keep track of your orders in your cleaver staccato.

Cook-Out: A sandwich Tale is a game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. The mechanics of the game are easy to learn thanks to the virtual reality controllers. The game has also been expanded and varied with new elements and new types of customers that have special requirements, with stealing of ingredients as well as additional tasks like grilling food and washing up of the dirty plates.

Should your kitchen service be successful, you will be rewarded with money along with magical aids. You can use these to show the downtimes, sharpen the cleaver or to conjure up some tofu that can replace any ingredient. The money you win from the successful completion of tasks can be invested in these kinds of service aids as well as in acquiring better kitchen tools.

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale has simple and functional graphics when you run it on Oculus Quest although it is still good to look at. The hectic gameplay in Cook-Out results in a stronger immersion in the game even without a realistic graphical representation. It is so engrossing that you can even forget that you are immersed into this experience in virtual reality with VR headsets against your face.

Cook-Out does not feature any artificial locomotion so you won’t have to worry about motion sickness when you immerse yourself into this virtual sandwich booth.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a fun and engrossing VR game. It is based on a fun game idea that fully leverages the strengths of a VR environment. The developers have skillfully implemented the concept.

The comic graphics in Cook-Out can be deceptive. It is still a challenging game that can task your brain, wits and reflexes. It requires that you process information fast, have a good memory as well as coordination and planning skills all of which will push every player to the limits of their cognitive performance.

The snack bar provides the kind of hustle and bustle that enables groups to have fabulous fun although this will tire out after about an hour. This would be a great party game.

The game mechanics have some depth although you will be more or less performing the same actions. Cook-Out was released on September for both Oculus and Rift (S) and supports both crossplay and crossbuy. It is available on both platforms for $19.99. This is the 11th title from Resolution Games. The studio’s next title will be Blaston set to be released before the end of the year. OchanjiGamingMultiplayerTechnologyResolution Games announced its foody co-op videogame Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale early this year. The virtual reality game is now ready and launched this wee for both Oculus Quest and Rift/Rift S headsets. In Cook-Out, VR players are immersed into a fairy tale kingdom. It casts you in the role...VR, Oculus Rift, and Metaverse News - Cryptocurrency, Adult, Sex, Porn, XXX