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The truth of the matter is that virtual reality is here, and just like any momentum in technology, pornography is leading the race. VR sex is not just something impending in our future, but something that is already very much moving into our every day experience. Just like any new technology (this is a point to remember), there are mixed and extreme feelings about it. It’s new, which means no one really knows how to feel about it, and that’s okay as long as we come at it openly. For this discussion, we have to leave our entire ageist, sexist, social and even naturalist conditioning at the door.

To really talk about the pros and cons of virtual reality entering our sexual and intimate lives, we have to truly put the elephant right in the middle of the room, where we can all see it, and talk about it. The point is that just like anything that is the result of human creation, it has the potential for positive impact and the potential for negative impact, and there’s no exception to the rule in the case of new age digital sex. What we can ascertain for sure is that there will be a huge impact. Oh, the possibilities!

VR in the average person’s life

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To establish some idea about where we are in the world of VR, it’s important to understand that if ever you’ve played a first person POV video game before, you’ve used virtual reality! A lot of the fear surrounding virtual reality in general boils down to a miseducation. We have been building the technology for virtual reality since The Sims, World of Warcraft and Second Life. What we are seeing here through the release of consumer products such as the Oculus Rift is a leap of advancement, the same way we did when mobile phones with color screens came out on the market. That wasn’t so scary, was it (there are probably some who would still disagree)?

For a long time, we’ve been discussing the damage caused by video games or mobile phones, or the overall advancement in technology. Despite all of the advancements in technology, we still understand that twelve hours a day playing Second Life is not a symptom of a healthy human being with healthy human relationships. The same can be said of the technology entering our sex lives. It is becoming available, but we are the ones who decide if it is going to take over. At the end of the day, I still have faith that human beings will be able to enjoy the novelties of virtual reality without losing touch of human intimacy.

The kinds of people who would benefit from VR sex

Sex in the virtual world might seem weird and tweaked to people who are at complete liberty to have sex in the physical world. However, there are people with physical limitations who could actually benefit from a technology like this. That benefit doesn’t come from pretending we can replace human relationships with robot ones. It means satisfying something in the virtual world that can’t be done in the physical world, and leaving everything else as it is. The advancement of this technology could add value to the lives of some who are lacking that sexual relationship, and who is anyone to judge that?

Handicapped, or physically deformed

Every human being can testify to the desire to satisfy sexual urges, and it isn’t always easy. For those who are physically deformed or handicapped and really struggle with finding intimacy, VR sex could give them a platform to experience virtual intimacy in a way we didn’t know was possible.

In ways most of us cannot understand, this can offer someone priceless value, added quality of life where it otherwise was void.

Weird and wacky fetishes and urges

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Maybe this hypothesis is a bit far out, but it isn’t entirely irrational. Take, for example, the Dutch model when it comes to drugs. After the decriminalization of drugs, the nation experienced a drop in the amount of people using drugs. Now, we know that rape, pedophilia and other sex crimes are the result of all kinds of Freudian psychological problems. Is it crazy to think that the “socialization” of VR sex could potentially help those with repressed sexual urges, and give them an avenue to safely express those feelings?

The same applies for those of us who have some weird and wonderful sexual fantasies (of which there are more than you think!). Finding a sexual partner can be challenging and it can even be daunting or shameful to share a sexual fantasy. When this becomes repressed, it can turn into a myriad of psychological problems, not to mention it can be manifested into weird sex crimes.

At the very least, VR sex gives people the opportunity to express these fantasies without hurting anybody, and without judgment, for sure. If it can help, can it actually be that bad?

Therapeutic uses of VR sex

For decades, virtual reality has been used as a tool in therapy for the purpose of administering exposure therapy via virtual reality to patients. It is expensive medicine for sure, but it is a creative way to create an environment that is conducive to healing. For the future, VR sex can be used as therapy for people who need sexual therapy after a trauma. It can even be used as therapy between couples.

VR sex offers a creative solution to many sexual traumas that until now we haven’t known how to heal because, at the end of the day, simulating that situation is almost impossible. However, VR makes it entirely possible to simulate the sexual experience and use it as exposure therapy for patients who have experienced a sexual trauma.

Long distance couples

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Phone sex is outdated! It’s about time we updated the software, anyway. One of the most important things about technology is that it has allowed us to maintain relationships, despite distance. From the arrival of the mobile phone to transitioning into FaceTime, technology is bringing people together despite the huge distances between them. This technology is going to bridge that gap just a little bit more.

For couples that are trying to maintain healthy relationships over long distances, VR sex is going to take phone sex to the next level. Being able to share a virtual hug or a virtual kiss will of course change the way that we are able to maintain relationships over a long distance. For people in love, this could never be bad.

Giving possibilities

There are so many different kinds of people that could benefit from bringing VR into the mainstream market. Whether they are those who are disabled, in prison, lonely, sexually strange or deranged, VR is fitting for all of the same reasons. It makes something new possible. Adding more choices doesn’t put anybody in a worse situation, and that is something to consider. There are many of us for whom the physical world falls short, and unfortunately for some, that shortcoming happens to fall in the sexual sector. VR sex adds something new for those people, another possibility for sexual intimacy.

The possibility of disaster

All in all, the fear surrounding the arrival of sex robots comes from the same place of all the fear surrounding rock and roll once upon a time. Of course there is the potential for disaster, and that’s because disaster happens to be something that comes as a part of the human equation. Of course there is the potential for people to fall into unhealthy sexual relationships with VR and characters within VR porn. That potential already exists for non-VR sexual related activity, and there are already people who fall victim to porn addictions, sex addictions and other unhealthy sexual behavior.

Whenever there is an advancement in knowledge or power, people are always presented with how they want to use it. With that choice comes responsibility, and so there is always going to be some people who take new technology and run with it. As we continue to make more and more realistic virtual worlds, getting closer and closer to truly simulating a human sexual experience, the harder it is going to be for some people to draw the line between what is real and what is not. But we should relax before freaking out a little, because people have already made this mistake with World of Warcraft – or gambling – or drugs! Human beings aren’t unfamiliar with taking something enjoyable and developing addictive behavior towards it, so it wouldn’t be anything new if people became addicted to VR porn. That probably has something to do with some underlying collectively subconscious human psychology rather than anything to do with VR porn.

There are a lot of people out there who use their mobile phones a healthy amount, watch porn a healthy amount and make love to their partners a healthy amount. The arrival of new technology hasn’t impacted their ability to have normal functional relationships, and maybe it’s possible people can also enjoy VR without it ruining their relationships.

What’s real and what’s not?

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This is the kind of question we are going to be facing ourselves with the more we enter the world of virtual reality. The more advanced the technology becomes, the blurrier the line is becoming. How far away are we really from artificial intelligence that is basically real? The implication of this movement in technology is an existential reassessment. If we consider ourselves sentient, and we have the ability to fall in love within a virtual reality, what does that say about the characters within our virtual realities? Are they, also sentient intelligence? If we are able to transfer that sentient intelligence into a robot, it puts the creative abilities of the human on the same level as – well, godly!

The fact that VR (especially VR sex, because it is particularly touchy) brings us to the point of asking these questions isn’t something to be afraid of. It’s something to be excited about. We are literally in the process of creating something that is out of this world, and people will create a lot of different reasons to be afraid of that. But what we do with this technology is simply going to reflect who we are as people, and all of the potential will be there, both creative and destructive. GhalyAdult VRImage Source: Ela Daring The truth of the matter is that virtual reality is here, and just like any momentum in technology, pornography is leading the race. VR sex is not just something impending in our future, but something that is already very much moving into our every day experience. Just...VR, Oculus Rift, and Metaverse News - Cryptocurrency, Adult, Sex, Porn, XXX