Everybody’s Golf  VR has been described as one of the most immersive virtual reality sports games so far. It could easily make it into the pantheon of the VR greats given its quality and accessibility. The PSVR exclusive will be available on the PSVR games and sports titles for the overall virtual reality platform.

This is not the first virtual reality sports game. There have been quite a number but they were not quite as good as Everybody’s Golf VR. Everybody’s Golf VR is near-perfect with its easy user experience and deep gaming mechanics. If you are an avid golfer wanting to bring the golf course into your living room, this is the quintessential VR golfing game for you.

Everybody's Golf VR
Everybody’s Golf VR

Everybody’s Golf VR in PSVR takes the player into a strategic golfing game where you will need to use a combination of brains, physical movement and power for one of the most immersive virtual reality sports games you will ever experience. The moment they put on the PlayStation VR headset, the player will be transported to some elegant golf courses along with a series of nicely-designed golf tutorials. Even if you are a good golfer, it won’t be all smooth-sailing with this virtual reality golf game. Everybody’s Golf VR is centered around holding the VR controller and swinging it to play the game but there are plenty of other things that you will need to do in the game.

The game includes quite some depth and covers all aspects to make the golf as realistic as possible such as the power, wind, club distance, stance and much more so it is not just a matter of applying some power.

Getting through the tutorials allows you to get a better grasp of the tools involved and you will be able to begin getting a swing of the VR golf game.

The swing is also a key factor in Everybody’s Golf VR. The game is highly detailed and measures even the club distance from the ground along with the angle. Helicoptering your hand around will not necessarily help you hit a hole-in-one. If you swing the club too high, you are going to miss the golf ball and if you swing it too low, you will of course chip into the green.

The gameplay in Everybody’s Golf VR is highly detailed and richly-featured and makes use of every aspect of virtual reality to create a realistic golfing environment where you will grow as a player. There is even a virtual caddy that makes encouraging comments on how you can improve your game.

The virtual reality golfing game takes a considerable amount of time in showing players the ropes and offers them plenty of customization options that they can utilize for their game. You will need some time and practice to get good in Everybody’s. The game has the intuitive controls as well as useful tutorials that will allow you to learn easily, no matter your age or level of experience.

Everybody’s Golf VR includes a motion control mode with the PSVR Move controller as well as a more stationary mode that has a standard DualShock controller. Both playing modes will give you an incredible playing experience. The different styles also illustrate the accessibility that the game offers and which it tries to emphasize. It’s Everybody’s Golf after all!

The game is also outstanding in terms of the quality of the graphics. The scenery looks quite serene, almost like that of a real golf course. It’s a welcome relief from that of the other Quest launch titles such as Creed and Beat Saber where players will be breaking sweat within the first few minutes.

The reviews so far have been excellent. Virtually all the top gaming and virtual reality new websites are describing Everybody’s Golf VR as the best golfing game that you can experience in virtual reality. If you love playing golf and have a PlayStation VR, then you will certainly enjoy what this game has to offer.

Taking the swings

Perhaps the most challenging part will be mastering the swings. Even if you are a good golfer in real life, there will be a small learning curve involved with Everybody’s Golf VR. Don’t expect to swing the PlayStation Move controller with the same power and temerity with which you would swing a real golf club and somehow expect optimal results. On the contrary, you will have to master your technique in the virtual reality game in order to get the best results. The best way to master the swing with Everybody’s Golf VR is hitting the ball with full power like you would do in an actual game and then dialing back the power and temerity for a more nuanced approach that will get you the best swings for the virtual reality environment. It takes a bit of effort to master your technique in the game.

Master Your Swing with the Game Tutorials
Master Your Swing with the Game Tutorials

However, once you have mastered the game, it will get quite intuitive and more accurate from there.

Plenty to unlock

Perhaps one of the best aspects of the game is how richly-textured and well featured it is. The game gets everything right as far its core package goes. The environment is quite serene with realistic audio and feel. There is the chirping of birds that you’d expect in a green course, tin-cup tinks and even off-the-tee extras that you’d expect in a traditional golf game. The audio quality is spot-on and just as immersive-you can turn your head in the direction of some sound and you will hear it even more loudly. Even the voice-acting in the game is quite charming.

The caddy characters in the game have been fully-rendered and add to the fun and comfortable feel. You will certainly appreciate their company as you contemplate the long putts. Their chattiness takes away from the loneliness of playing golf in virtual reality.

Serene and Elegant Golf Courses
Serene and Elegant Golf Courses

There is plenty of stuff that you will be able to unlock in the game in order to make it even more exciting. Key among these are the multiple courses in the game that you can unlock, the clubs, caddies and much more. When playing Everybody’s Golf, there is always that feeling of you uncovering something new. These extras are not necessarily in the regular version of the game but there are still a lot of goodies there that will make the game worth your time.

The VR golf game also includes plenty of beautiful courses with interesting designs and layouts. The courses look somewhat like those in the original although the little nuances and curves will be more spectacular in virtual reality thanks to the perspective effect. The later courses are also quite good so expect to get quite some good treat once they are unlocked.

Some moments in the game are immersion-breaking. Throughout the playthrough, the receptionist will say the same line when you unlock a new item so if you unlock three items at the same time, the same line will be delivered thrice back-to-back which sounds auto-generated and breaks the carefully crafted immersive quality in the game. This will somehow take you out of the immersive golfing experience.

The misses

Everybody’s Golf VR is a great game but part of it still feels like a blueprint. There are lots of bells and whistles in the level unlocks as well as the golf courses but the game modes are still lacking which somewhat holds the game back.

The game also does not have a multiplayer game. It would have been nice to have some local multiplayer mode even if the synchronous online multiplayer mode with seasons, tournaments or story modes is not possible.  However, the game does not provide even an asynchronous challenge option. But it has leaderboards so it is possible to play separate games with your friends online via a party chat.


Everybody’s Golf VR may lack the depth but it is still fun and enjoyable to play as the level of immersion in the game is top-notch and it provides players with an experience that is perfectly-translated. If you love Golf, this game will be a must-own title for the PSVR platform.

Hopefully, the game will also get some updates and a sequel that will include even more bells and whistles and which may address the deficiencies in the current one such as the lack of extended play options in Everybody’s Golf VR. The game will be available on PSVR from 21 May for $30.

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