The festive season has just come to an end and if you received a Meta Quest 2 headset as a gift during the holidays, you might already be wondering where to begin or the games and apps that you can try out to make your ownership of this wonderful gift worthwhile. There are literally hundreds of Quest 2 titles in existence already but which are the best ones that will give you the best bang for your bucks?

It might be difficult figuring out the kinds of games that will suit you best, particularly if you are a newbie. There are virtual reality games that might look quite interesting but the experiences or the controls may be a little daunting, especially for a beginner. Besides, if you are a new player, you might get a little dizzy from all the virtual movement in some games.

Here is a look at some of the Meta Quest 2 games that you can try out with your headset. We have included a large selection of VR titles that will appeal to both new players as well as the more seasoned VR users.

After The Fall

Genre: Action, Adventure

After The Fall is a spiritual successor to the VR classic Arizona Sunshine. However, it is bigger, better and more brutal and you can play with up three friends. This is the virtual reality game that comes as closest as possible to the great PC model in terms of play.

After The Fall has been set in a historically alternative Los Angeles in 2005. In this setting, mankind has been badly shaken. A designer drug has transformed a huge part of the human population into monsters and a new ice age has also dawned simultaneously.

There is no real campaign in After The Fall. Instead, the player has to repeatedly go through HARVEST RUNS. The game also includes 20-minute shooting missions with a final boss. As a reward, the player will receive a resource that they can use to upgrade their weapons which is key to survival in the higher difficulty levels.

The content in After The Fall was meager at launch although the developer Vertigo Games is planning to add some meat in the future and to continue developing the virtual reality game.


Genre: Survival Horror

Cosmodread was developed by the virtual reality veteran Sergio Hidalgo who also developed one of the first virtual reality horror games, Dreadhalls, in 2013.

In this survival horror VR game, you are stranded on an abandoned spaceship whose crew has disappeared without a trace. You are tasked with exploring this steel colossus and finding a way back to earth. You will be using the messages left behind by the disappeared crew to, bit-by-bit, reconstruct what happened to them.

It will take you only a few minutes into the game to figure out that something eerie is probably happening. There are rooms infested with strange, extraterrestrial tissue that appears to spread through the spaceship and this is just the beginning of the horror.

Cosmodread is a VR sci-fi roguelite genre. After every death, the inventory, arrangement of the rooms as well as distribution of the objects and opponents are rerolled. As a result, every new pass at the game will bring new and unpredictable action. This gameplay motivates several hours of play after the first successful escape.


Genre: Strategy, Role-Playing Video Game

Demeo is an exciting virtual reality game that simulates a tabletop game evening with friends. In Demeo, up to four players explore a dark dungeon at the same time by strategically moving their playing figure across a playing field that is crammed with highly dangerous wizards, goblins, and trolls. Players can choose from a handful of character classes with unique abilities. In Demeo, the player crawls through digital space by connecting other players for treasure hunts, table talk along with lots of other turn-based actions that have infinite replayability.

Due to the clever hand control in Demeo, the player can rotate, reduce or enlarge the game board as they wish or experience the fights up close. As a result, the game can be played while sitting or lying down.

Demeo mixes co-op fun, fantasy role-plays as well as playfulness in an addictive combination. While it is multiplayer, you can also play Demeo alone and control up to four characters.

Following its launch, the responsible studio submitted two free adventures and along with a PC version, a PVP mode has been planned for 2022.

Doom 3 VR Edition

Genre: First-person shooter, adventure

Doom 3 VR Edition is the VR port of the first-person shooter by the same name that was launched in 2004. In this game, you will slip into the boots of a marine who confronts a demon invasion in a Mars research institute. Doom 3 VR also features the two expansions Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission.

The original already provides up to 15 hours of gaming fun. It has been revised for virtual reality porting and provides new textures, shaders, and sound effects. Also, the HUD elements in the game like health, armor, and ammunition are displayed in a VR-compatible fashion on a display on the wrist.

This virtual reality game only really shreds with Sony’s Aim Controller. The plastic gun lies in your hands like a real gun and provides haptic feedback which drives this old shooter to the next level of immersion.

Eye of the Temple

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Eye of the Temple is a unique virtual reality game that uses physical movement in space-filling virtual reality. The player assumes the role of a nameless Indiana Jones-like adventurer who wears a fedora hat and wields a whip. The player finds themselves in front of an expansive and treacherous temple which they must explore to find a mysterious artifact.

The unique thing about Eye of the Temple is that you are making every movement in the game in real life. The game is a 3D platformer where you play with your own body. The gameworld in Eye of the Temple has been constructed in such a way that the player never gets outside the play area. The game creates the illusion that you can overcome a massive danger course and great distances by exerting yourself. This whole experience is incredibly immersive.

The mixed reality trailer above illustrates how locomotion works in a virtual reality game. To play this game, you will need a play area of at least two by two meters.


Genre: First-person shooter, adventure

Fracked is a first-person shooter game that places an emphasis on fast and uncomplicated arcade action. The game immerses you into a battle against a corrupt fracking company and its monstrous spawns.

This VR game is unique due in part to its fluid movement and gaming experience. It combines a diverse set of activities including climbing, skiing, shooting, and taking cover. This VR game has been fine-tuned for the experiences. The only issue is that most of your opponents are cannon fodder and the virtual reality game will be over in just three hours. If you want to get the feel of an action hero during some boring afternoon, you will certainly enjoy Fracked.

I Expect You to Die 2

Genre: Action, Adventure

The original I Expect You to Die was one of the first virtual reality games and has since grown into a VR classic thanks to its outstanding design that does away with artificial locomotion and makes the most of interactions with the environment.

In this sequel, you will once again slip into the role of a secret agent that has to use telekinesis and brains to save himself from all kinds of tricky situations, thereby thwarting the adversary Zoraxis’s plans for world domination.

This sequel goes a step further in almost all areas and provides sophisticated puzzles in six missions. If you loved the original, you will certainly enjoy I Expect You To Die 2.

Lone Echo II

Genre: Adventure

Lone Echo II was developed by Ready at Dawn and released in 2021 and is a sequel to Lone Echo. The most unique aspect of the two games, Lone Echo and Lone Echo II, is the zero-g movement.

The game is also characterized by its stunning space station vistas along with a level design. The sequel does a good job of retaining the zero-G movements. The game is a sci-fi adventure on the relationship between the captain of the spaceship Olivia Rhodes and her butler, a charming robot named Jack. You are cast as Jack and you will be using your controllers to grab things around you physically, push yourself around, and solve complex puzzles. You will push yourself around by leveraging the momentum in fun ways to arc your body around hazards and navigate your way through gaps to solve puzzles.

Lone Echo II is undoubtedly one of the best-looking virtual reality games around and takes you into a very immersive adventure. You will also encounter lots of naturally staged dialogues and loveable characters, the kind that we saw in the original Lone Echo or in Half-Life: Alyx.


Genre: Puzzle

Fans of Fumito Ueda’s trilogy of games will definitely love Mare. This is a VR adventure from Visiontrick Media that takes the PS2 classic Ico as a model. This VR version has brought in the crumbling castles and the foggy vistas in Ico into virtual reality complete with the rickety wooden walkways and monolithic constructs found throughout the game and which would fit nicely in The Last Guardian and Shadow of the Colossus. The adversaries in Mare are a silent shadowy race. You will also have an AI companion in Mare that communicates in what is presumably a lost language.

The player will guide a mysterious girl through these otherworldly ruins. Take a look at one of the scattered perches and an electric bird will flutter to mechanical puzzles, rail vehicles, or crackling substations. The game has a minimalist control concept along with a relaxed atmosphere that transforms the virtual adventure into something special in spite of it giving you only three hours of playtime.


Genre: Puzzle, Adventure

If you have been playing virtual reality games for quite some time, you are now probably used to their effect. However, once in a while, there comes a new VR title that somewhat rekindles the old magical effect and initial fascination with VR games, demanding a new sense of reverence and eliciting that original wow factor with “Ahs!” and “Ohs!”. The Maskmaker is one such VR title.

In Maskmaker, you will be exploring a fairy tale world, becoming a virtuoso mask craftsman, and piecing and solving cleverly crafted puzzles. All these elements combine in the game to create an atmospheric unit that might make you forget that you are playing a virtual reality game and actually in the living the fairy tale world portrayed in the game.

Maskmaker clearly brings out the strength of virtual reality and elicits its ability to transport us to other worlds, strange places and to tell stories in a realistic way as if they are happening to ourselves.

Puzzling Places

Genre: Puzzle video game

Puzzling Places combines fragments of real objects, rooms, buildings, and landscapes into a whole. All of these elements have been previously scanned and digitized true to the originals and in 3D format via a process known as photogrammetry.

In Puzzling Places, you can sit, stand or move inside an abstract room and see 3D puzzles floating in front of you on an invisible wall. Using a controller, you can aim at individual puzzle pieces and pull these towards you then put them together using your hands. If they fit together, they’ll click together and will no longer be separated.

After some time, you will gradually begin seeing a fascinating place come to life right in front of you. It could be an old Armenian monastery or the coast of some French city such as Mont Saint-Michel or Biarritz. The game is both fun and relaxing.

Resident Evil 4 VR

Genre: Survival, horror, third-person shooter

In Resident Evil 4, you assume the role of the special agent Leon S. Kennedy sent to Europe to rescue the kidnapped daughter of the American president from a sect. In some remote village, you will go head-on against a horde of mutated residents and different types of really nasty monsters.

Resident Evil 4 is generally regarded as one of the best parts of the survival horror saga and it has already been ported across different platforms. The Resident Evil 4 VR port is impressive and allows you to experience Leon’s adventure from a first-person perspective for the first time which will be a fresh experience for many of the RE4 veterans.

If you have never tried Resident Evil 4 before, then you will have your debut in the best version of the game: the virtual reality version. Not only is it good but it is obviously the most immersive Resident Evil 4 version. In 2021, it was ranked as the best virtual reality game of the year.

Song in the Smoke

Genre: Survival

Song in the Smoke is one of those superbly immersive virtual reality survival games. The game offers a lot including hunting, crafting, and collecting and this works beautifully in virtual reality due to the hand interactions that bring a tactile quality to the overall gaming experience. You will be beating flints together, wielding a bow and arrow, and using simple components to make weapons. When you actually do these movements on your own, the experience really feels fun and immersive.

This virtual reality game immerses you into a prehistoric time where there was no language and the world was full of magic and animal spirits. However, that prehistoric world is only hinted at. Song in the Smoke is basically about learning to understand the world’s gears and developing your survival strategies.

Song in the Smoke has a huge scope and provides more than what you would get from most virtual reality games. You will find this out when you take your time to immerse yourself in the extensive areas of the home.

The Climb 2

Genre: Platform

In Climb 2, you can allow your mind to wander and enjoy the spectacular views. The Climb 2 was developed by the technology specialist Crytek and provides one of the most impressive game panoramas that you can ever experience in the Meta Quest.

Using motion controllers, you will intuitively shimmy along the rocks, frosty ledges as well as skyscraper roofs.

The scope of The Climb was manageable at the beginning of the game. Later on, a number of rhythmic “freestyle” extensions have added some variety to the game.

Winds & Leaves

Genre: Adventure

In Winds & Leaves, you will be embodying a mystical being that finds itself in a barren steppe and must breathe a fresh lease of life into it by planting trees. You can also open up new areas of the steppe by spreading the flora.

However, it is not enough not just to plant the trees. You must cut aisles through the desert, find and grow new seeds, discover new monuments, and activate wind machines. The game is a lot of fun and you will discover more, including its mechanics when you immerse yourself into it.

The game mechanics in Winds & Leaves is meditative. The game also has various technical features that are only available in a few other virtual reality games such as its expansive landscapes with miles of vision, a smooth-flowing day-night cycle as well as a dynamic nature simulation which combine to give the most amazing gameplay.


Genre: Rogue-like

Yuki is a roguelite that shows just how much classic arcade games have been enriched by virtual reality. The game features sci-fi scenes that give a hint of the Far East where you will be holding a constantly firing heroine like an action figure right in front of your hand. You will be maneuvering her to dodge a sea of glowing shots much faster and more precisely and you are able to do it with greater leeway using your hands than you would on a screen.

In Yuki, you become more and more powerful from the unlockable skills, power-ups along with upgradeable characters. OchanjiTechnologyThe festive season has just come to an end and if you received a Meta Quest 2 headset as a gift during the holidays, you might already be wondering where to begin or the games and apps that you can try out to make your ownership of this wonderful...VR, Oculus Rift, and Metaverse News - Cryptocurrency, Adult, Sex, Porn, XXX