Paper Beast VR
Paper Beast VR

With the PlayStation 5 set to be launched during the 2020 holidays and the PlayStation VR 2 reportedly expected to launched soon afterwards, the sunset is approaching for the first-generation PSVR. However, before it finally makes an exit, there still lots of great VR hits that you can enjoy with the headset this year. Here is a list of some of the best upcoming PSVR games in 2020.

#1 Gorn

Release Date: To be announced

The PSVR port for the bloody gladiatorial game Gorn was expected to happen late last year. In an update late last month, the developer Free Loves announced that the game was still “a couple of weeks away” from completion. The game might be finished in a couple of weeks but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will also be released in a couple of weeks.

After its completion, the game still has to be sent to Sony for the certification process which presents its own sets of unique challenges. The process of getting a game accepted in all regions of Sony stores is usually a tough one for developers. But it is reasonable to expect that the game will hit the streets this year.

#2 Paper Beast

Release Date: To be announced

Paper Beast is another exciting explorative virtual reality adventure. This esoteric game has its own virtual ecosystem that has been cast in an interesting world of papercraft animals. The player immerses themselves into this fascinating world and are able to interact with the creatures therein as they take in this new strange reality.

The sandbox mode of Paper Beast is a world-builder and enables players to create and cultivate their own environments. The player is able to design both the landscape and terrain layout of the virtual environment before populating it with the strange and origami-looking creatures. There are other aspects of the virtual environment that the player can manipulate such as the plant life, weather and light, all of this within the virtual reality environment. The trailer of the game showcasing its sandbox mode has already been released and it is sublime-looking. See below.

#3 Iron Man VR

Release date: May 15

The action-adventure Iron Man VR is probably the biggest PSVR release in May this year. This will be a multi-hour adventure in which the player puts on iconic armor. The developer Camouflaj has promised players an entirely new story where you will play as both Tony Stark and Iron Man. The studio has also incorporated a winning control scheme that enables a full 360 play in Virtual Reality.

The initial launch date had been slated for February 28 but late last month, the developer pushed the launch date farther to May 15 . The developer announced the delay via Twitter where it stated this was occasioned by the need to “meet the high expectations” of the community. The developer didn’t reveal what it is still planning to work on.

#4 Eclipse: Edge of Light

Release Date: Early 2020

Eclipse: Edge of Light was one of the top games in the now defunct Google’s Daydream platform. It is now set to launch on PSVR. The developer White Elk will bring the Edge of Light experience to PSVR as well as other platforms. Eclipse: Edge of Light provides a moody and atmospheric sci-fi exploration adventure with plenty of exciting sites, a sense of discovery as well as smooth controls. If you played the game on Daydream, you will find it more fascinating with the more advanced virtual reality headsets.

#5 Dreams

Launch Date: To be announced

Five days ago, the developer Media Molecule announced that Dreams PSVR support is “nearly done” and that it will release the game when it can. The PSVR support will be coming after a long year during which the developer unveiled betas and Early Access. Dreams is a platform consisting of an expansive toolset that enables to make your own Dreams games or play other users’ games. User-generated games in Dreams’ library also covers multiple genres including 3D animations, shooters, platformers, narrative-driven games and a lot more.

#6 Humanity

Release date: To be announced

HUMANITY is an upcoming and mysterious game that explores mass of people in packed environments. The game explores the nature of mankind. Published by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the game is currently being developed by tha ltd, a Tokyo-based studio. It is launching this year on PS4 and included an optional Virtual Reality support. It’s still unclear what the user actually does in HUMANITY. We will soon find out when the game hits the street later this year.

#7 After the Fall

Release Date: To be announced

Vertigo Games’ After the Fall is a large-scale Virtual Reality action shooter game that is built with a multiplayer focus. It enables several players to battle genetically-engineered zombie mutants known as the Snowbreed.

The zombie VR shooter assumes the Fallout approach in which an apocalypse happens within a specific time period. This is set in the 80s so there are the Stranger Things levels from the 80s easter eggs as well as bits of homages to the 80s decade.

The game also includes the co-op element in which up to 4 players can fight for humanity. The developer Vertigo Games is promising that this will be one of the biggest Virtual Reality shooters yet seen, taking place in an expansive post-apocalyptic frozen wasteland.

Another key element of the game is weapon-crafting. There is a wide selection of guns as well as close combat weapons. These have are upgradeable using 80s-inspired technology. A trailer of the game shows a device that looks like a Walkman built into a gun.

#8 The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Release date: Early 2020

Last September, Fireproof Games announced that the next installment of The Room Series would be launching this year. The Room VR: Dark Matter will be launching exclusively on Virtual Reality platforms and is expected to arrive early this year.

The Room Series had proved popular on mobile platforms, creating puzzles that fully leverage the platform. The Room has innovative interactions which has made it extremely popular on phone and tablets. Fans are expecting that the VR version of the room will similarly feature the same level of innovation, providing a full story set in very detailed environments along with puzzles on a new scale.

#9 Pixel Ripped 1995

Release Date: To be announced

Pixel Ripped will be continuing its run of the episodic series that pay homage to classic gaming. The original Pixel Ripped proved a massive success. 1995 will bring out the age of 16-bit and 32-bit gaming excellence. In this VR game within a game set in 1995, you will be helping the hero to face various challenging throwbacks on some of the gaming classics while also grappling with the typical problems of a nine-year old. Users are also expecting to see some new ideas on Pixel Ripped 1995.

#10 The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Release Date: To be announced

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is another VR zombie shooter that hopes to provide something really distinctive in an already crowded genre. The game is promising a greater focus on the storytelling as well as a new sharper polish. Saints and Sinners is set in the ruins of New Orleans where you battle gory walkers while at the same time managing the inventory supplies and scoring stealth kills as you proceed. The developer Skydance Interactive has been working on the game for quite some time so fans are expecting a stellar experience. OchanjiGamingTechnologyWith the PlayStation 5 set to be launched during the 2020 holidays and the PlayStation VR 2 reportedly expected to launched soon afterwards, the sunset is approaching for the first-generation PSVR. However, before it finally makes an exit, there still lots of great VR hits that you can enjoy...VR, Oculus Rift, and Metaverse News - Cryptocurrency, Adult, Sex, Porn, XXX