Augmented reality try-ons are rapidly growing in popularity with many of the leading makeup and beauty brands incorporating these for beauty marketing purposes. The latest entrant is Amazon which has integrated Modiface, a L’Oreal Group augmented reality beauty app, into its online marketplace. Modiface leverages the product images, data analysis by brands as well as the descriptions on social media portals to create AR-powered makeup try-ons for shoppers.

The AR try-on integration is focused on the lipstick category of products. This also represents the first time that Amazon has offered its shoppers an AR beauty experience. Users can access the Modiface AR tool by going through Amazon app or website and performing a search for the lipstick product using their front-facing smartphone camera. They will see the “Try Now” button below the images of the selected products. They can subsequently decide to try on the specific lipstick product in Live Mode via a live video. They can also try on a photo that they have taken or uploaded or they can simply try it the products out on a model that has the same skin tone as them. There is even the option to save an image or selected lipstick color for future reference in case you will be buying the product again.

Amazon ModiFace Try On
Amazon ModiFace Try On

This is not the first makeup try-on app. Several brands have rolled these out in the past few years which include a selection of some cool AR apps. More consumers are going online and increasingly, they are relying on their mobile devices to browse and purchase products online. Manufacturers and retailers are tapping into AR sampling to offer shoppers better visualization of products and help them feel more confident about their purchases.

Some of the top brands that have incorporated AR try-ons or renderings to improve the in-store and at-home experimentation include Maybelline, Estee Lauder, Flying Solo, Lancôme Paris, Flying Solo and Juicy Couture among others. The global cosmetics and beauty brand Sephora is also of the top brands that has integrated AR-powered try-ons into its shopping experience.

With the Amazon Modiface integration, L’Oreal is aiming to tap into Amazon’s extensive global reach and bring its platform to a wider base of users. It will accomplish this by integrating its Modiface AI-powered AR platform into the ever-expanding Amazon beauty products catalog. The app is already live and beginning this week, Amazon shoppers on mobile will be able to access and use it to test the various shades of lipstick on offer and see the results through videos and pics of themselves.

The latest L’OReal rollout of its AR app comes only a year the cosmetics giant partnered with Facebook to bring makeup demos to Instagram.

The Modiface virtual try-on will be rolled out for the L’Oreal makeup lineup which include seven makeup brands such as Maybelline among others. Apart from these, the AR sampling will also be available for other top beauty brands such as CoverGirl, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Revlon and Rimmel among others. L’Oreal will start with its lipstick lineup as these have the highest demand in online retail stores. The Modiface lipstick AR-sampling will also be rolled in Amazon’s Japanese market.

ModiFace Try On
ModiFace Try On

The AI-powered augmented reality experience will allow Amazon customers to try on thousands of lipstick products in its catalog through their phones’ front-facing cameras. They will even be able to save the photos and share them with their fans. Ultimately, it’s an innovation that will enable shoppers to purchase lipstick products with greater confidence.

Though the terms and conditions have not been revealed, both Amazon and L’Oreal will earn some revenues from the Modiface integration into Amazon. According to L’Oreal, the integration of Modiface in various brand websites has generally resulted in the doubling of time spent on website and the tripling of conversions. It is therefore expected that the Modiface’s Amazon integration will deliver similar conversion results for both the L’Oreal and the non-L’Oreal products.

The fun aspect of the AR-sampling will also encourage consumers to try on and shop for the beauty products on Amazon rather than on competitor websites that still haven’t integrated this kind of cool shopping innovation. Overall, it will boost the customer experience of the Amazon platform, particularly in the beauty niche. The experience could also provide Amazon with next-level consumer data.

This is Amazon’s latest foray into an AR-powered fashion tech. In 2017, the giant retailer unveiled the Echo Look which is a connected camera that brings together machine and human intelligence to accomplish various shopping experience tasks such as recommending styles, comparing two outfits, color-filtering clothes or keeping track of the stuff that is in the shoppers’ personal wardrobes. The Amazon Echo Look is also connected to the Prime Wardrobe, an Amazon try-on-before-you-buy program which is similar to those provided by Trunk Club and Stitch Fix where shoppers can order fashion items, try them on at home and return the stuff they don’t like and pay for what they keep. On Amazon, the Prime Wardrobe service is available to all Amazon Prime members.

Toronto-based Modiface was acquired by L’Oreal in 2018. The studio had been developing custom augmented reality apps for some of the leading beauty brands such as Estee Lauder, Sephora along with 80 other brands. Before the acquisition, Modiface had already partnered with L’Oreal in the launch of its Style My Hair mobile app that allowed users to preview various kinds of hairstyles. The AR studio also partnered with the cosmetics retail giant Mac for its in-store electronic mirrors and with Benefit Cosmetics for its eyebrow try-on tool.

Modiface’s key competitor is YouCam by Perfect which uses 3D face-scanning technology in creating virtual makeovers of eyebrows, cheeks, hairstyles, eyes, lips and hairstyles. The other key AR-simulation competitors are ManiMatch whose tech overlays nail products on fingernails along with MakeupPlus by Meitu. Bixby Vision, like Amazon, leverages the Modiface platform to enable shoppers to try out various brands of makeup such as CoverGirl and Sephora. OchanjiAugmented RealityTechnologyAugmented reality try-ons are rapidly growing in popularity with many of the leading makeup and beauty brands incorporating these for beauty marketing purposes. The latest entrant is Amazon which has integrated Modiface, a L’Oreal Group augmented reality beauty app, into its online marketplace. Modiface leverages the product images, data...VR, Oculus Rift, and Metaverse News - Cryptocurrency, Adult, Sex, Porn, XXX